Edelweiss Bernese
Edelweiss Bernese


Call Name: Elka

DOB: April 1, 2010

AKC Name: Edelweiss Ergotzen Froloin Elka

AKC Number: WS 34447501

Hips/Elbows: Good/Normal

Eyes: Cleared

Weight: 76lbs

Height: 24"

Sire: Oursnoir Peterbilt Of A Fair

Dam: Edelweiss Annie Get Your Gun

   A breeder has a certain level of pride when she produces a puppy as beautiful as Elka.  Everyday she brings so much joy and happiness to me because she is so lively and full of life just like her mother at her age. 

   Elka has the same glossy black coat and expressive, loving eyes that follow your evey move.  She loves attention and plays well with children and other dogs.  Her rust shading is gorgeous.  She has a fetish with pine shavings that we put down in her outside runs.  She goes "bonkers".  Everybody who sees her laughs and tells me to put it on You Tube.  It is a joy to own such a wonderful dog, especially when she comes from your own bloodlines.

   Elkas dad, Oursnoir Peterbilt, Peter is a smaller Bernese with a gentle loving temperment who craves love.  He is enjoying retirement on a farm in Maine, he has O.F.A. good hips with cleared eyes and elbows.

      Her mom Edelweiss Annie Get Your Gun, was my first Bernese, I ever owned.  She is eleven years old and works with a child pyschologist daily at a residential school for disabled children, she is a vision of youth with no heath issues.  Annies hips are O.F.A. excellent, with cleared eyes and elbows.


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Elka & Oliver's puppy winter 2015


Finigan, Elkas baby winter 2015


Maya, Just a little cold



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