Edelweiss Bernese
Edelweiss Bernese


"I got my second Berner from Mary over 5 years ago.  Then I retired and I wanted to breed her so I used her stud "Mr. Oliver."  Mary helped me the whole way and never let me down.  I now have had 4 litters and she is right there for me.  Mary has a heart of gold and loves her dogs as much as a child.  Whenever I am at her kennel it is clean and all dogs are well fed and happy.  As they say 'she works from sunrise to sunset and then some!' "

-Little Cote Kennel

Laura Knowlton 

Puppy from Lacey Fall 2010

"We have been so happy with our puppy!  His markings are beautiful and he has the most amazing temperment.  I think that Mary has taken great care with her dogs to ensure top quality!  We always knew we loved Berners and couldn't wait to have one...our boy is even better than we could have imagined.  Thanks Mary!!"

"Here is Daisy-Lu at 5 months. Mary, thank you for the time and all
the helpful information you so nicely provided for us. I hope it will keep us on the right track.


"Winston is a very happy boy. We take him to doggie daycare 3 days a week and he absolutely loves it. He would go every single day if he could. After he eats and has his morning walk, he goes to the door and barks because he wants to get in the car and go to daycare. The staff love him and they all make a big fuss over him.

He has so much character, he's hilarious. Everything about him is animated, he has more personality than any dog we have ever owned or met. He's so friendly and sociable... but feisty at the same time. We love him to bits!"
-Heather Gilmartin
Puppy from Katrinette spring 2015

"We have decided on the name "Pemigawassit" or "Pemi" for short. She is doing fantastic, but almost instantly started teething =) She gets along fantastically with or golden "Coley", and they love to play outside together. Everyone in our extended family LOVES her and makes frequent visits to see her. We are working hard at the potty training, but we will get there. She has been a wonderful addition to our family! Thank you for that!"

-The Cook Family!

I was lucky enough to find Mary Corbett and Edelweiss Bernese after an almost year-long search for a breeder.  After many emails to other breeders with no response, my email to Mary was answered within one day.  She invited me to come visit anytime, and since she was only 20 minutes away from where I live, I did!  I found her to be warm, welcoming, and very knowledgeable about her breeds.  She listened to why we wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog, and I got the feeling that she wouldn’t let her dogs go just anywhere.  Luckily she had room in Elka and Oliver’s litter.  I was so impressed with what she offers with her dogs, and how the place looked that I put a deposit down.  Mary allowed me to visit as often as I wanted and even though she is one busy woman, she never made me feel like I was in her way.  In fact, I felt like I became part of the family!


I watched my little girl from the time she was born until the day came when I could take her home, and  I got to know Mary in the process.  I can honestly say the entire experience was awesome, and I’m not sure everyone gets that with just any breeder.   Mary Corbett has heart, and her smile lights up a room.  We had a “puppy party” where all the new parents got to meet each other the day we took our little ones home.  It was an amazing experience to be able to meet the parents of my dog’s brothers and sisters.  You just don’t feel like “pay me money, and here’s your dog”.  You truly feel like you are part of something greater.  Is it a lot of money?  Yes it is, but ask yourself:  What do you get by “saving” money?  Mary definitely gives you way more than just the quality of the pups lines, and stands behind her dogs.  My dog is growing like a weed, 11 weeks old and is so smart and beautiful, just like her Mom Elka!  THANK YOU, Mary, for working with me to help me make my dream of having one of these dogs in my life come true.  – Liane Martinelli, W. Topsham VT

Puppy from Elka winter 2014


Hi Mary, thank you again for the wonderful visit with the pups today!  We are still smiling and missing them already.  Thank you for everything but most of all thank you for taking such great care of the puppies.  It is very obvious that you are so very passionate about what you do and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!  Here are a few pictures from today.

Heather Courtney

Update; 7/2/2015
Hope all is well!!!
Piper is getting big...weighs about 18 pounds and is such a lover!   We cannot get enough of her!

Heather C.

Update 11/12/2016

Hello Mary!  Wanted to pass along some recent pics of my sweet Piper girl!  Hope all is well with you!


I had to share these pics with you!  I know you love seeing her. I can't tell you how many compliments we get on her. She's the best and I love her. Thank you!!!  Happy Holidays! Three Photos added.

Hi Mary,
 I would like to share some of Hargow's pictures with you. She is doing great these days, and weighs as much as 42 lbs. Severin and I are so happy to have her. Our students all love her a lot.
 I would like to say Thanks to you again for letting us have Hargow.

Puppy from Elka winter 2015

10 weeks
10 weeks
10 weeks
4 months
"We have been so happy with our puppy from Edelweissbernese! His markings are beautiful and he has the most amazing temperament. I think that Mary has taken great care with her dogs to ensure top quality! We always knew we loved Berners and couldn't wait to have one... our boy is even better than we could have imagined. Thanks Mary!"
Katherine D

Recent pictures of Emma. She is honestly one of the best things in my life.


 Ollie is so good with Gus. A little over one week home and he went in to Gus's crate on his own:-) .  Thank you so much for my beautiful little man!!

Patty Parker

Hi Mary,
Just wanted to send you some pictures of one of your puppies! We are enjoying him so much! He has a great disposition and gets many compliments on his beauty. We named him Gronk.  
Lori Brandon

Mika is an amazing girl who at an early age showed that she can detect lows in my blood sugar and has saved me three times from a severe drop in my blood sugars. If not for her, I honestly believe I would not be here today.

Cindi B

Mika Update: 9/2/18

Hello Mary,       Today is Mika's adoption "gotcha" day four years ago. I just wanted to give you an update on her. Mika is a very healthy girl, and spoiled. Within one year after adopting her, she started to show signs of detecting my blood sugar highs and lows. She has also picked up on my youngest son's blood sugar Lowe's. I am a lifetime diabetic and my son has hypoglycemia. To date, Mika has saved my life 4 times and my son's twice. She is truly a gift form heaven and I wanted to thank you for your wonderful breeding!

Cindi B


 Molson at 18 months and such a lover. He's learning to swim this summer. I'll send pics later of Molson in the water.


Katrinette and Oliver are Molson's proud parents!

Molson Update: 10/8/18

Hi Mary! 
We wanted to send you some updated photos of Molson. He is the son of Katrinette and Oliver, born December 2014. He continues to be the center of our family and a joy to love each day. Thank you for everything!!
Kat and Derek 

West Hartford, CT

Hello Mary,

Just wanted to send along some pictures of Chloe & Bandit for your records. They are both doing great and settling into the family very nicely.

Hope all is well.

Take care….

Mary, I just want you to know the puppy we picked up Friday night is doing very, very well. He made a few messes in the house the first night and day but has been almost perfect since then. He settles down in his crate easily and is very playful and good mannered when he is out. He is expanding his area of exploration as he becomes more comfortable with us and seems to be enjoying his new surroundings. He and Scott are bonding well. We could not be more pleased with him.  

 Thank you so much for working with a family that has never owned a dog before. The book you recommended has been a huge help and we will continue to refer to it as he grows. Scott named him “Smokey.”

All the best.

Deborah  J

Good Morning Mary - I have attached a couple pictures of the little ones, although they are not so little anymore. They are doing fantastic and they are smart as little whips.... We just love them. Boy that Mandie has no flies on her she lets Oliver have it, its hysterical.

But they are doing very well adjusting to their furever home.

Best to all,


Update 11/8/2015

Hi Mary, just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know Mandie and Oliver are doing fantastic.  They are two of the most loveable dogs.  They are growing like weeds and just love to be with us. 
Hope all is well
Chris and Michelle

Paker enjoying the beach!

Thank you so much!
I am happy to share Pemi is doing very well so far! We have made it a point to take her everywhere with us and she seems very happy and content and does not look for Coley anymore!
I have to share she has been such an amazing blessing! Such a family dog. Lovable and friendly! So glad we went with the breed we did!
Thank you for the help!

Danielle C.

Hi Mary,
   I wanted to send you some photos of Finnigan. He is doing great and settling into his new home very well. Thanks for everything.

Meghan and Shahab

**Finnagan is a Son Of Sadie and Zorhba

Hi Mary

My boyfriend and I got our Bernese Mountain Dog through Mary at Edelweiss and we couldn't be more thankful. She was so easy to work with, responded quickly throughout the process answering any questions we had (trust me, I had a lot) and is just such a sweet woman.
You can really tell that she does well with these dogs and raising them as my puppy's temperament and disposition is unbelievable. He is so good it kind of worries me haha.  Its only been 3 weeks and he has already became SO much a part of the family - we can't see ourselves without our angel anymore.
So my friend took pictures with her nice camera this weekend - wanted to pass them along to you so you can see our happy little family! :)
Thank you Mary for being such an amazing breeder - we will be sure to refer you to anyone we know! We are truly SO happy & thankful.
xoxoxox Krista & Brad

Updated 11/12/2016

Hi Mary! Wanted to send you along some pictures of Cody! We love him so so so much!! And can't thank you enough. Hope all is well!

Love Krista

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