Edelweiss Bernese
Edelweiss Bernese

Our retired berners..


Edelweiss Annie Get your Gun was full of life and loved life and people. As a puppy, when I  let everybody else out to go to the bathroom she wouldnt come in until i sat in a chair and hugged her for five to ten minutes. Summer time was'nt bad but sitting in a chair with snow on it was'nt that wonderful in the winter. Smart with a beautiful black wavy coat, Annie is still active and looks and acts like she is three, although she is almost twelve.

This is a photo of Edelweiss Annie as a puppy. She is O.F.A. excellent and currently used as a therapy dog, going strong at almost twelve years old. Behind her is her mother, which would be Elkas grandmother and Brooklyn and Sadies great grandmother. In dogs like humans the apple does'nt fall far from the tree.


Lestar Crystal is currently enjoying retirement in scenice cape cod, walking the beaches every day with her retired new dad. Her stunning good looks and calm loving temperment is really missed by us... Her last litter of three stunning puppies is in their homes of Jim Jody in Rhode Island and Carter at the Univeristy of Virginia.


Elka is spending her retirement years with Andi & Mike in Newton, Mass. We had the joy of taking her for a month this spring.We love you Elka and are blessed to have your daughter.


Edelweiss Queen Annes Lacey was my first Berner I purchased almost twelve years ago. I purchased her with her sister Annie and they were from solid foundation lines with Hungarian decent. They added so much joy to my life. Both Annie and LAy had an OFA hip rating of excellent. Lacey is in a pet home and is very much loved and going strong at twelve years old.

Lacey at 11 years
Lacey at 11 years

Updated 9/13/2016

Our Lacey has passed peacefully at almost 12 years .

She will be missed & rememered.


Lisel was the most loving, gentle berner I ever owned. She needed a home where she was the only dog. I prayed for that and a lovely wonderful women named Ruth who runs a a food shelf and helps disabled people. She is given unconditional love all day by Ruth, her husband, and the two people she helps. Thank  you Ruth for the wonderful work you do and loving our Liesel.


Oursnoir Peterbilt is Elkas dad. A smaller bernese with a very large personality and a temperment to write home about, Peter was a wonderful handsome boy. His black, wavy coat is seen in his daughter Elka and her daughter Edelweiss Winter Saddie Storm. Peter is enjoying life with a wonderful family in upstate Maine.



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