Edelweiss Bernese
Edelweiss Bernese

Puppy Checklist

Must Haves:

  1. Premium Puppy food: Purina One, ProPlan large breed
  2. Puppy treats
  3. Stainless steel bowls-not ceramic or plastic (2-Quart)
  4. Adjustable nylon / leather collar, web leash, choke chain (for training and travel)*
  5. Crate, large for female, extra large for male
  6. Dog nail trimmers
  7. Puppy shampoo / flea control
  8. Old towels / blankets / newspapers
  9. Identification tag - from machines in Wal-Mart, Petsmart, or Petco.  Register your puppy with the AKC Companion Animal Recovery
  10. Odor neutralizer to take smell away
  11. Safe toys, ones that can't be torn up, chewed apart or swallowed
  12. Bitter apple to prevent chewing on furniture


Nice to have:

1 gallon water dispenser

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Ear cleaning solution, cotton balls


Fleece toys

Bed to fit adult dog

Pooper scooper / small plastic bags

Lint brush

12 - 25 ft. cotton training leash - a must for field work

Retractable leash for dogs over 50lbs


Spoiled puppies:

Kong bones - put treats or peanut butter in them

Cover for car seat

Car safety harness

Leather leash for walks and training (watch the dog whisperer on Discovery Channel)

Training books / videos (watch the dog whisperer on Discovery Channel)

Throw toys


Note: Everything you need can be bought at Walmart, Revival or Ocean State Job Lots for a very reasonable amount.  Petco & Petsmart are more expensive but the selection is larger.  Ask friends and neighbors for an old crate; it is wise to have or borrow a second crate to have near your bed for the first month, it is more calming for your puppy.


Never leave a choke chain on a puppy.  Only use it for training as they can choke themselves if unattended.   Same goes for outdoors trolley / chains, they can be very dangerous to your puppy. 



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